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Helping Professionals

Master Emotional Exhaustion


In general, professionals who engage, are seen to be open, to resemble a very high working ethic, total integrity, full reliability, and deep respect in serving in even the most challenging environments.
Nevertheless, many feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or left behind. Many disconnect – from work,  from family, from friends. Is that you?
Do you feel something is going wrong?
Mental Health issues are increasing as the pandemic continues to affect more people and disillusionment sets in. An increasing number of stressed professionals claim that they had sought professional help from psychologists, but did not get an appointment as all slots were taken already. It is for this reason, that many are leaving their professions. Are these concerns that you have as well?



Many skilled professionals are working beyond their limits. Constantly. They do this for many reasons, mainly feeling responsible. However, many had not expected that a pandemic could last as long. Unprepared and under emotional stress, these professionals are at great risk of overlooking early signs for mental health problems, as at this point they probably do not lead themselves anymore, they are losing or already have lost control over themselves. This is where self-care comes in.
My life would probably have taken a different path with more opportunities, had I had mentors that were not only my surgical trainers; mentors, who had every experience from within the system but were not my colleagues at work, nor friends; mentors who had experienced failure, too. I have been a urological surgeon for >35 years at university, public and private hospitals, as well as in private practices across Europe and North America.
I quit surgery and realized with time that what professionals needed most in difficult times is expert counseling.
To meet that demand, and after successfully passing additional courses, I added self-detection of emotional exhaustion to my self-management coaching programs. Why? As an engaged professional, one cannot deliver peak performance constantly, if one is not able to manage oneself, especially not in these most difficult and unprecedented times.
To more effectively address the deeper wants and needs of my international clients, during the past years I developed
the backbone of my coaching and mentoring services on self-management and communication. For improved conversations with clients, colleagues, and administrators, advancing communication and leadership skills will make you stand out high, and more attentive to your own needs.
AWAKEN THE LEADER IN YOU combines communication and leadership modules with effective on- and offline consultations on emotional exhaustion, or burnout. Offered are 1- or 2-day workshops, and individually tailored p2p coaching and mentoring. One  will learn to take  professional and personal life back into one´s own hands. By constantly adapting to an ever-changing environment one can stay healthy and reach the lifestyle one had dreamed of when starting a career.


What To Learn From


Apply Self-Management Methods

Objective: Become Proactive

Do you feel like your to-do list is always getting longer? This is where self-management comes in. Our coaching will guide and inspire you to define your goals and support you to achieve all results you want

Enhance Your Communication Skills

Objective: Master Persuasion

Standing up to be heard is an acquired skill. You have to know your audience and be crystal clear about your message. Preparation and delivery practice will lift your impact to a higher level in any situation.

Enjoy Being An Efficient Leader

Objective: Influence Others

Managing yourself is the key to leading others. “Leadership is all about influence,” says John Maxwell. Mastering this discipline will improve your team‘s performance and raise your profile to new levels

My Expertise Will Transform Your Life

– Learn to uncover possible weak points in your life

– Develop a powerful new perspective

– Achieve clarity and self-confidence

For detailed event agendas and content, pls. reach out directly (see bottom of page)

Until further notice, courses are offered online only. Pls sign up via the button to receive information on my services.

Individuals: Contact me directly (see bottom of page)

Companies and Hospitals: I will hold workshops on- and offline for professional groups on topics outlined here and beyond, and according to your needs (self-management/mIndfulness/emotional exhaustion/burnout prevention and more)

Events: All my offline-events are usually announced three months in advance of any event. They run about every three months in Munich and Zurich and independently of any other Awaken The Leader in You program activities.


My Expertise – Your Benefit

Throughout my professional life, I have trained, coached and mentored peers, residents, consultants and other health care professionals, as well as people outside of the medical professions. I created Awaken the Leader in You as an answer to what is lacking most today in- and outside the medical sector: to empower professionals want to communicate more efficiently and lead with ease.
Typically, participants are professionals at different levels of their careers, who often feel their professional development is stationary, consequently feeling disconnected from their careers. My clients experience intense time pressures, irregular working hours, and sleep deficit due to unbalanced working conditions.
The Wants
– be the professional you had idealized to be
– reduce administrative work – give time to team
– spend more quality time with friends and family
– balance work and life – even consider to change career
As an industry insider, I deliver this modular mentoring program with the aim to build leadership expertise based on directional self-management and expert communication skills.
The Benefits
– fully self-expressed in times of change
– improved standing within your team
– significant reduction of physical and emotional stress
– more balanced professional and personal life
The Awaken the Leader in You modular mentoring program equips professionals to better deal with the specific and substantial challenges that affect their lives
When you know how to communicate more clearly and assertively, you will experience more engagement with your peers and team. This will reflect immediately in the quality of your results, becoming the leader you were meant to be.

Coaching and Mentoring Formats

one-on-one personalized service acc. to needs

small  groups (3-5p) masterclasses

medium-sized groups (6-20p) workshops

seminars and webinars

At A Glance

Self-Management For Professionals

1st Month Curriculum

Career Planning:


  • Lead YOUR life – show full control in every situation
  • Uncover your true situation – imagine your life’s path            
  • Define and design your career – take life into your own hands
  • Take advantage of common communication challenges – dare to push ahead
2nd Month Curriculum

Time Management:


  • Be authentic and credible – strive for punctual delivery
  • Build trust, support and empathy – exhibit resilience
  • Motivate yourself – learn how to motivate others
  • Lead by example – help to stabalize your environment
3rd Month Curriculum

Change and Crisis Management:


  • Go your way – re-evaluate permanently your standing within your organsation
  • Manage change effectively – find fitting solutions in times of crisis
  • Communicate across your organisation’s hierarchy and culture – master crises with perseverence – you never can please everybody

Essential Communication For Professionals

1st Month Curriculum
Effective communication

Four essential topics:


  • Unravel the secrets to be heard – make everyone understand your point
  • Define and design your message – have an impact on your listeners
  • Manage common communication challenges – excite your audience
  • Bring any message forward – forcefully – they will love your decisiveness
2nd Month Curriculum
Effective Communication

Four essential topics:


  • Be a good listener – be visibly in rapport with your followers
  • Build trust, support and empathy – build a community of devoted fans
  • Give constructive feedback – get people involved in what you stand for
  • Keys to persuasion – always be communicating your standpoint
3rd Month Curriculum
Effective Communication

Four essential topics:


  • Use vocal variety – yes, even you have it – it’s natural
  • Understand the rules of engagement – motivate those around you
  • Communicate across your organisation’s hierarchy and culture – be the leader you ought to be – and show your true self
  • Build and maintain relationships – express authenticity in any situation

Leading Others

1st Month Curriculum
Leading Others

Four essential topics:


  • Essentials of Leadership – evaluate your  standing
  • Ask the right questions at the right time – always be honest to yourself
  • Handle common communication challenges – stay on top, even when you feel down
  • Plan ahead – outline and achieve the results you want
2nd Month Curriculum
Leading Others

Four essential topics:


  • Leverage your time – dare to delegate
  • Build trust, support and empathy – be an influencer
  • Mentor your team members – they are longing for your guidance
  • Persuade others – discover and use their power from within
3rd Month Curriculum
Leading Others

Four essential topics:


  • Learn from errors – apply daily what you learn from them
  • Understand the rules of engagement – seek opportunities
  • Replenish yourself daily – renew and improve your mind and body
  • Build and maintain relationships – persevere with humility

In 2014, Dr. Künkel and I worked closely together at the Zurich University Hospital. In his position as senior consultant urologist he did not only teach me the basics in medicine, he coached me how to become a professional in my job and keep the balance in my private life. Based on his long-standing unique experience as a leading figure he was able to promote my skills on various levels and give me a clear view on priorities necessary for a successful career. Besides all this, Dr. M. is a very likeable person with a great sense of humor. It is always a pleasure to spend time with him.

Dr. med. Ashkan Mortezawi, Zurich University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland

Markus has promoted me to become a member of the European Toastmaster Board in 2016. As a leader, he inspired me to step forward. He supported me with knowledge, guidance and valuable feedback. Upon his coaching, I have grown my leadership and conflict management skills and with this personal growth. Markus is a great coach to mirror and reflect on oneself. Over many years he has been proven a visionary leader for Toastmasters in Europe by overseeing and analysing the possibilities for growth in Europe for the next years, planting the seeds for continuous collaboration and networking amongst countries.

Ulrike Laubner, entrepreneur

I met Dr. Künkel when we both started our new positions as attending physicians at the University Spital Zuerich in 2014. From the beginning I was impressed by his seniority and in-depth knowledge of the health care system, his ability to analyze processes, identify weaknesses (and strengths) in the work place and in the people working there; his focused and interested listening skills, and to generate suggestions and potential solutions in a respectful and thoughtful way…. Dr. Künkel’s major strengths are that he has worked for a long time both in private and academic health care systems, exactly understanding the pressures involved.

Mentorship, guidance and perhaps even refocusing and understanding …is often totally missing in the clinical day-to-day life,….not insignificantly leading to exhaustion, frustration and even cynicism …. in physicians, who started their medical career with enthusiasm and idealism. In his coaching, Dr. Künkel is not jumping to simple and quick solutions, he is very respectful and practical in finding solutions.

Thomas F Mueller, MD, PD Professor of Medicine
Lead Attending, Clinic of Nephrology
Medical Director Renal Transplant Program
University Spital of Zuerich Switzerland

“In a highly complex and ever changing environment such as the medical sector, becoming an efficient leader is key to remaining relevant”

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